An Introduction  

Monday, 1 September 2008

I met bondgirl when i was 5 years old, our fathers worked for the same company. we became best friends and were separated at age 7. She moved to australia, and i moved to Nigeria. We never stopped being friends........ years later, i moved to the UK. We r the definition of best friends. Always been there for each other and never cared about the distance. When she sold me the idea of us creating a blog together to unleash our views, pains, experiences and general life issues anonymously, i was glad. we have been through a lot together and its time we let other people in. Welcome to our world. I currently shuttle between the US and the UK, while bond girl stays in melbourne. The funny thing about our friendship is we have not seen each other since we were 7, yet we can account for every second of each other's lives. This blog is kind of a self discovery and stability. we give and seek advice from more experienced people, share our pains and pleasures...... hopefully, y'all wil enjoy our blog as much as we r thrilled to be here. I have to go, my phone's ringing.... its bond girl who i guess is calling me to update me on her evening with L

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