Sex with an Ex  

Thursday, 29 January 2009

I hate Thursdays....... Ok, i hate every week day i have to come to work even though i love my job, is that weird???????? I got in to work early today because it's freaking awards season in hollywood and thats our busiest times even though i never get to go to the stupid awards........ gosh i work my big ass off and my boss cant even slip me a ticket to the Grammys or something... Wishes!!!!!
Anyway in retaliation, its 10:40am and im going to use company time to blog......
I have been a follower of sex with an ex and i can boldly tell you it has not brought me any good. So im going to lay it down for anybody who is in such situation, DESIST!!! I have read many articles and talked about it with my friends. I hope after you read the extract below, you will learn that the only bad thing besides being dumped is to have sex with your ex

Sex with the ex is a topic that we could discuss for ages. We know that it’s destructive, and yet we imbibe in it anyway. It’s a train wreck waiting to happen and yet we can’t help ourselves. You feel that you are mature, and you can handle post relationship sex. You promise yourself that you won’t get all caught up and get your emotions entangled in it, even though you know that you will anyway.For some, sex with the ex is mainly used to hold on to him in a vain attempt that he might come to his senses and decide to work on the relationship versus bailing out. We do this to try and salvage the relationship, or what little is left of it. You have to keep in mind that using sex to control and have ties to him is kind of like a small bandaid over a huge gash. The bandaid won’t hold, and blood will pour out anyway. Conversely, the sex isn’t going to be enough to hold together a failing/failed relationship. It is human nature to want to hang on, and I don’t blame you, but you have to learn to let go. That is the only way you can ever move on.Perhaps you two have awesome chemistry, and he is the best lover you have ever had. That doesn’t mean however, that he is going to be the best lover you will EVER have. Stop limiting yourself. You just have to be willing, ready and able in your next relationship/fling to unleash your inner vixen. It’s all uphill from there! By staying with him, and having sex with him, you are actually limiting your horizons and your potential. It’s already been established that he is a loser…so why don’t you just try and move on to bigger and better things instead of hanging around the biggest loser?

You might have just fallen into becoming his booty call as a natural transition. You acknowledge that the relationship is dunzo, but there is no one else to have sex with, and you are petrified of a dry spell. He already knows your likes and dislikes and you don’t want to go through the trouble of re-training another dick guy. Get. Over. It. Life is not all about sex. A few weeks without getting any wouldn’t kill you. However, if you feel that it will, my suggestion is to head to your nearest XXX store and invest in the Rabbit (i love me the rabbits) and good batteries. Although not a permanent solution, it will help you over the hump, and keep you from falling into bed with him.

You might be from the school of thought that any contact with him is better than no contact at all. But the contact you are having with him could wind up hurting you a lot more than if you had just made a clean break. For starters, the sex isn’t the same, and he is still a free agent. Do you want him to get his way, have his cake and eat it too? If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, then he doesn’t deserve you…in any capacity. Not as a friend, and definitely not as a booty call. Capishe?

Stop being a pansy and make a clean break. Stop taking his calls, his text messages and his idiotic attempts to get back in your good graces. You are done, over, kaput ~ recognize it and move on. Although it’s hard, you have to associate him for the time being as your enemy, and cut him off completely. That way, you can move through the stages of loss and achieve closure

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Bond Girl not married one guessed pregnancy?  

Thursday, 22 January 2009

The shoes....the shoes....and again...the shoes...if he's really sorry...LOL

I can settle for Chanel...Chanel on sale but Chanel still more!

Before you all get up in arms about my disappearance blame Black peoples. Shona and Nefertiti stop rolling your was his fault...Temite seriously it was his fault. Why am I trying to prove to you people? I can see Sirius, Toluwa, Danny and even Buttercup just shaking their heads like whatever...So I didn't get married, nor was I in DC which hurts me more than you will ever know! I'm surprised no one said pregnancy K? Thanks for stepping in for me I refuse to tell people how we know each other then I know someone one day will stumble upon this and immediately know who CG, Black and me are.

But seriously I have missed you all! I went on holidays and normally holidays means unlimited blog time but this time around Black BANNED me from facebook and blogging. I was only allowed to access my emails once a day which is hard when you have a blackberry peoples but I had to restrain myself because Black threatened to take that away from me as well. He was all up in arms about a tiny incident after new years. I fainted three times. Once when we were at dinner in a very nice restaurant along the pier. I was mortified because I had worn a very sexy black LBD that CG had got for me for Xmas and had chosen to forgo underwear (I would like to say this was for the aesthetic of the dress but really it was about easy access...*cheeky grin*. Second time at my mothers and third at the after Xmas sales. Anyway Mr-over protective-you might-be ill-lets call 911, forced me to see the doctor the next day who just said it's because of stress, not eating properly blah blah. My mother also tagged along because she said "It might be serious" which in African mother speak is code for "you might be pregnant and I don't trust you to tell me". I tell you I was praying like I have never prayed in my life because unbeknown to Black and my mother my monthly visitor had failed to arrive for at least 2 months prior even though reservations were made (reservations= back pain,pms, cramps, tenderness...sorry overload!)

Anyway I was found to be seriously stressed, a little burnt out emotionally and just fatigued. Black felt so guilty because my doctor who has been my doctor since my family moved here asked "Is there anything that you were worried about in the last few months?". My mother was looking quizzically at me like "yes tell us now" and poor Black's face was so guilty. My poor baby! I did tell him though that the Teni thing, work, having my sisters around, my bad eating habits ALL contributed it wasn't just the Teni issue on its own. He still didn't believe me though and got me drum roll.....see Chanel bag picture (people calm yourselves on sale at some silly price, I still couldn't afford it at the sale price but some people make more money than me!)...yep...he bought it as an I'm sorry for not listening to you gift. Now see the picture of the shoes? I tried to push for those as well to see how sorry he really was but he claimed his bank balance was not THAT sorry. Lmao. For now I could only take a picture of the shoes. You should have seen the snooty sales clerk, she came up to me, looked me up and down, smiled at Black and said to him even though I was standing in front of him all 5'5 OF ME.. "Excuse me sir, may you please inform the lady we do not allow pictures to be taken of our merchandise at this establishment". I looked her up and down, side stepped her, snapped the picture and brushed past her as I walked out with Black shaking his head. What was she going to do? I WISH she would have stopped me! I swear those ladies at Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry. You name any high class store in Melbourne where they have security guards at the door the sales girls think they are the second coming of Mary. I'm like please chick we catch the same train after work. I see you on platform one waiting for the 5.25pm express like everyone else, you don't roll in a phantom so please act the way your salary and position demands when anybody comes into the store....with courtesy. You can be as rude to me as you like when you own the store or when you are making millions and are only filling in as a volunteer!

Anyway the big news of 2009 besides President Obama and Michelle, Buttercup and Chari (CG told me about that and I was like what! I told CG though if we were still single we might follow suit..hahaha,just jokes. Strictly dickly over here.). Ok back to the news Teni is dating jack Black's shady friend Jack!!! Black went to dinner with Jack to reconcile (I opted to stay home rather than be there sending out negative vibes). Apparently they met at some Xmas office party and hit it off. The world is coming to an end I tell you. Hide the knives Melbourne if this precious couple come to your dinner parties. Those are two unstable people who need therapy before entering relationships with like minded crazy people. I heard a rumour a long while back that Jack beats his girlfriends but if he thinks he is going to beat Teni its going to go down like that scene in the Colour Purple, where Whoopi Goldberg's character advises the guy who plays Oprah's husband to beat her to keep her in line and the guy ends up getting beat down and Oprah goes back defiant with a black eye to Whoopi and says "You told Harpo to beat me"....LOL classic moment and can see it happening with Jack and Teni. Anyway La familia its so good to be back, I've missed all of you....till next time

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Missed me? City girl in the building!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I feel really special....... the whole SOS appeal thing.... I am great, BG is fine, or so i think! i kid, she's great. Ive been really busy, and guess what?????????? im in Washington!!!!!!!!!! gonna be part of history!!!!!! this is going to be a brief post cuz im on my way to shake my booty with the girls in one of DC's hottest clubs.
Thanks to K for holding this place down. we need to meet, wanna come to NY, or should i make my procrastinated Melbourne trip?????? Don't mind her, i didnt sound so serious on the phone. Im really sweet, i pinky swear! lol..

How r u guys doing here? Nothing exciting has been happening with me, oh yea the new doorman in my apt buiding apparently has a crush on me. I think, or how do i explain his hostility to my male visitors, especially boyfie. Last week, he came to my door and asked if i needed help on anything. i thought that was really random.
I have decided to run the marathon next year so i am starting training as soon as i get back to NY on thursday. Going to hit the gym like there's no tomorrow.
Whats new with you guys????? i need to do my blog rounds. I always read your blogs, i just never comment, but now ive suddenly become opinionated so y'all r going to be hearing from me.
On another major issue......... Guess what Boyfie said over the weekend...........wait for it........... we should move in together!!!!! Ha! Help! This dude is going to fast for me. I am beginning to suspect. As a commitment-phobe like me, im starting to get cold feet!!!

I have to go now... and yea i look so hot in my LBD.... wished i could take a pic..........there r so many fine brothas here this week, all for Obama... if ur looking for husband, come to DC asap......its like they released men from some male heaven or something...

Take care and i'd sure to say hi to usher tonight cuz a lil' bird says i may be partying with him... keyword being may............xoxo

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Erm... S.O.S ..City Girl and Bond Girl...where art thou??  

Monday, 19 January 2009

Ok so Bond Girl I got a bit ahead of myself when you asked me to manage your blog while you were away. I wished everyone happy new year and all that jazz on you guys behalf but never bothered to ask where you guys were going.... I was well chuffed you asked me and forgot to ask about the details.

When our paths crossed because you and I were blogging in the lunch room that day I did learn that you are big on privacy and mystery... but this is one where even I am baffled. All the girls on my level the little gossipers they are keep asking "where has BG taken Black? No eye candy during lunch punishes the rest of us" LMAO

Now City Girl I don't know you too well and have only spoken on the phone with you a few times and even now its hard to get a hold of you...but you also are a girl of privacy and mystery (To be honest when you called the other day to ask when I was updating the blog you kind of scared me...I felt like saying yes mam" lol

Bond girl I visited your bar... Bond Bar, Red Velvet and even traveled the hour to to 4125 and you were not to be seen. Even Clement the french bar guy who always mixes your drinks no matter how busy it is asked me where you were and he NEVER speaks to me....LOL ....AND Black is not around either because I got about 4 or 5 emails from the girls on his floor who miss their Starbucks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the morning that he used to bring them. Poor children look like they are going through caffeine and sugar withdrawals when I see them going into the building. So I suspect you are together right?

Wherever you are I hope you are at least reading blogs because here are the rumours circulating round Sin City aka Melbrizzy about where you could possibly be....

A) you have eloped and are on an exclusive extended honeymoon
B) After being away from each other over the xmas period you have been "catching up" and have lost all sense of time
C)You are in the States with City Girl....reunion??
D) This one was from Black's secretary....that you have gone to DC to watch Barack get his crown because of the way you love that man it seems impossible you would be in Australia (I think she's lying and knows where you guys are though)
E)You both have some serious time off and are keeping a seriously low profile

So guys where could the sexy and sassy Bond Girl and her V. hot man Black be? I know City Girl is probably in her office working like a slave....

Put us out of our misery and come back.... Eish china by the way I saw your cousin and her connections...they running around Bond Bar like they are celebrities and own it.... God help us bringing the classiness of the place down I tells ya....some of her girls are just GWASH to the nth degree (naija peeps GWASH= RAZZ)

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New Blog member, New Year.....will be back soon...  

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Happy New Year to all...still on a break but introducing fellow blogger K... as a guest this year...welcome on board family! She will sometimes be answering some of our comments and stuff this year as City Girl and I are a bit busy... will update soon peoples but wishing you all happy new year if K has not done so on our behalf!

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Happy New year and all the good stuff  

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Sorry ive been, life, sex, men have all been stressful. Hope you guys had a great hoilday. I sure did! Thanx ShonaVixen for checking up on us. I enjoyed teasing Bond Girl's man endlessly on when he will bring out a lil'box from Tiffany..... the best for my girl and hey, im not saying he's gonna propose soon BG........dont get all excited...lmao

The ex is still lurking around, God help me! (not my ex, refer to my last post). She seems to be hanging out at every bar i go with boyfie. Two days before Christmas, guess who walked up to me at Macys? yep, the evil Ex........ she saw BG's man with me and she had the look of, oh! she's cheating and ive caught her...... I was not wrong! Boyfie called me like 10mins after i saw her and couldnt stop laughing. he said im cheating on him with a guy who could only afford to take me to macys..... lol! Of course he knew i was with Black....... Please beg this girl to leave me alone. I hate drama!!!

I met the in-laws...... how frightening. Christmas dinner was at their place and i was so scared of meeting them cuz he's their only son and his mother loves him so much. It went well. I got them presents, took a home baked chocolate cake (which i proudly made) and we had so much fun. His sisters love me and his mum has not stopped calling me since then. Halleluyah! im in.......

Other than that, my life's been dry. My sex life's going great, sorry BG, i had to add that........ at least he got back in time for New years! my phone's at peace... horny children!!!
Work's has crazy as ever with interns coming in from Fashion Institute: spoilt kids who think they know everything. I am actually fond of the girl that was posted to me. She reminds me of me when i was 19........ ambitious, flirty and determined. Speaking of interns, there's one that keeps flirty with me. he's 20 and Puerto rican. Gosh he's cute!!!! my personal eye candy at work!

How did your holidays go?

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