Missed me? City girl in the building!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I feel really special....... the whole SOS appeal thing.... I am great, BG is fine, or so i think! i kid, she's great. Ive been really busy, and guess what?????????? im in Washington!!!!!!!!!! gonna be part of history!!!!!! this is going to be a brief post cuz im on my way to shake my booty with the girls in one of DC's hottest clubs.
Thanks to K for holding this place down. we need to meet, wanna come to NY, or should i make my procrastinated Melbourne trip?????? Don't mind her, i didnt sound so serious on the phone. Im really sweet, i pinky swear! lol..

How r u guys doing here? Nothing exciting has been happening with me, oh yea the new doorman in my apt buiding apparently has a crush on me. I think, or how do i explain his hostility to my male visitors, especially boyfie. Last week, he came to my door and asked if i needed help on anything. i thought that was really random.
I have decided to run the marathon next year so i am starting training as soon as i get back to NY on thursday. Going to hit the gym like there's no tomorrow.
Whats new with you guys????? i need to do my blog rounds. I always read your blogs, i just never comment, but now ive suddenly become opinionated so y'all r going to be hearing from me.
On another major issue......... Guess what Boyfie said over the weekend...........wait for it........... we should move in together!!!!! Ha! Help! This dude is going to fast for me. I am beginning to suspect. As a commitment-phobe like me, im starting to get cold feet!!!

I have to go now... and yea i look so hot in my LBD.... wished i could take a pic..........there r so many fine brothas here this week, all for Obama... if ur looking for husband, come to DC asap......its like they released men from some male heaven or something...

Take care and i'd sure to say hi to usher tonight cuz a lil' bird says i may be partying with him... keyword being may............xoxo

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