Erm... S.O.S ..City Girl and Bond Girl...where art thou??  

Monday, 19 January 2009

Ok so Bond Girl I got a bit ahead of myself when you asked me to manage your blog while you were away. I wished everyone happy new year and all that jazz on you guys behalf but never bothered to ask where you guys were going.... I was well chuffed you asked me and forgot to ask about the details.

When our paths crossed because you and I were blogging in the lunch room that day I did learn that you are big on privacy and mystery... but this is one where even I am baffled. All the girls on my level the little gossipers they are keep asking "where has BG taken Black? No eye candy during lunch punishes the rest of us" LMAO

Now City Girl I don't know you too well and have only spoken on the phone with you a few times and even now its hard to get a hold of you...but you also are a girl of privacy and mystery (To be honest when you called the other day to ask when I was updating the blog you kind of scared me...I felt like saying yes mam" lol

Bond girl I visited your bar... Bond Bar, Red Velvet and even traveled the hour to to 4125 and you were not to be seen. Even Clement the french bar guy who always mixes your drinks no matter how busy it is asked me where you were and he NEVER speaks to me....LOL ....AND Black is not around either because I got about 4 or 5 emails from the girls on his floor who miss their Starbucks and Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the morning that he used to bring them. Poor children look like they are going through caffeine and sugar withdrawals when I see them going into the building. So I suspect you are together right?

Wherever you are I hope you are at least reading blogs because here are the rumours circulating round Sin City aka Melbrizzy about where you could possibly be....

A) you have eloped and are on an exclusive extended honeymoon
B) After being away from each other over the xmas period you have been "catching up" and have lost all sense of time
C)You are in the States with City Girl....reunion??
D) This one was from Black's secretary....that you have gone to DC to watch Barack get his crown because of the way you love that man it seems impossible you would be in Australia (I think she's lying and knows where you guys are though)
E)You both have some serious time off and are keeping a seriously low profile

So guys where could the sexy and sassy Bond Girl and her V. hot man Black be? I know City Girl is probably in her office working like a slave....

Put us out of our misery and come back.... Eish china by the way I saw your cousin and her connections...they running around Bond Bar like they are celebrities and own it.... God help us bringing the classiness of the place down I tells ya....some of her girls are just GWASH to the nth degree (naija peeps GWASH= RAZZ)

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