Tuesday, 2 September 2008

" I want us to get back together"......... Akin said as soon as i met him at the starbucks near my office 2 weeks ago. Ok, let me give you his background. He was one one of the first people i met when i got transferred to New york from the Boston office five years ago. We got really close and eventually we started going out. I loved him a lot. I was 21 then, in a new city and in a career where everyone was a snob. He treated me right, made me feel less lonely and i adored him. Besides, he was 25 and was an investment banker on wall street. We dated for three years, even got close to being engaged. He left me for a girl he met at one of my company's fashion shows: a fellow nigerian. I was heartbroken, and threw myself in my work. We stopped talking and the last time i heard from him was a year ago when i ran into him at the annual office party. You can imagine my surprise when he started calling my house, office and stalking me till i agreed to have 5 mins coffee with him on a lunch break that fateful thursday.
I was stunned. He further explained that he made a mistake cuz he felt i pushed him away while we were dating. Can you imagine? He knew my nature of work. I am an image consultant and i work with fashion companies to dress up their clients, update them on the trends and sometimes attend fashion shows all around the world. He was supportive and said thats what he loved most about me, the fact that i took him out of the boring finance world whenever we were together. His story was the girl, Michelle, dumped him cuz she felt he was too boring. This made him realise that i was the one for him and if only i could give him another chance to prove that we can still make it work. He still loved me, bla bla bla......
I had dreamt of this moment, a time he'd want me back. I'd imagined ill be excited cuz honestly i kinda still love him. Now im confused. I just started seeing this guy, though he's not Nigerian and he's been good to me. I dont want to get hurt by Akin again. Am i a rebound? if things had worked out with Michelle, would he have come back?
All these thoughts were in my head when i looked tearfully at him, telling him No, i'd moved on. The moment i said it, i realised that i'd indeed moved on.
How do i stop him from harrassing me with his constant apologies, letters, emails, flowers and expensive gifts? Oh well, ive been enjoying the Balanciega bag he sent me on last friday.

P:s: im loving here already. everyone's blog is so different..... don't regret accepting bondgirl's invite.

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11 comments: to “ Confused

  • Buttercup
    2 September 2008 at 10:15  

    im happy u turned him down..y is it when he got dumped that he realized he wanted u back??

    theres really no way to stop him from doin all that..all u can do is stand ur ground..i know how we girls are susceptible to the charms of guys..*sighs*

  • Buttercup
    2 September 2008 at 10:16  

    all the best anywayz!

  • Bondgirl
    2 September 2008 at 10:45  

    City girl my love, I can not believe this fool is back again!! He messed up and now he wants to come and offer you his tattered self for seconds. Girl the same advice you gave me I will give you....That boy is a plate of leftovers who you are done with, the plate is cold, the flavour is not there and you can even see mold on the plate that's why you threw the plate out. If he is persistent direct all his incoming calls to my phone I am yet to give L a piece of my mind and need a replacement to vent my frustrations!

  • Toluwa Lase
    2 September 2008 at 11:19  

    i bet that even after saying no and realizing that u had moved on...u felt good...

    i recently told an ex who had broken up with me with a stupid excuse NO when he came back begging...and it felt really good!

    Really really good! nice post!

  • fantasy queen
    2 September 2008 at 13:44  

    hes trying to buy you? oh boy i'll so rock the bags and send him rocking.
    he left his 80% for a 20%, now hes realised and wanting you back.(u seen the movie 'why did i get married?'

    akin sounds like the guy, a wall street bloke, one a girl would be proud to hold on to, so it'd be hard to turn him down i know but you've gots to move on girl, cos what makes you so sure he wouldnt leave with the next chick around the corner who winks at him,and what would be his excuse when she dumps his arse and he comes crying back(with maybe diamonds this time)

    (your job sounds so exciting, i'm jealous)

  • Dark cat
    2 September 2008 at 19:08  

    u have a balenciaga ba???
    im so freakin jealous.... ignore me i hav a bag fetish!!!!

    Pls naija guys r always trippin, thinkin u'll wait around forever as if, im glad u said no....forget akin..... so whose this new guy tell us more.....

  • Chari
    2 September 2008 at 21:37  

    good for u joo....nonsense and ingredients...move forward mehn >>> dude is an idiot.....

    *thinkin to self*

    this blogger's block is even affecting ma commenting...lo ba tan!

  • city girl
    3 September 2008 at 03:06  

    buttercup: thanks. im really trying to stand my ground.

    bondgirl: dont mind d idiot....

    toluwa lase: ur damn right girl, it felt so so good

    fantasy queen: im rocking d bag, hope he keeps sending stuff..... oh yea, i loved that movie. my job's not that exciting. it can be a pain sometimes :)

    dark cat: i love bags too.... :) I bet he thot i was still madly in love with him, waiting for him to come back. ill soon gist u guys about the new guy.

    Chari: thanks alot. i can give u motivation to cure the blogger's block *winks*

  • mona
    4 September 2008 at 01:50  

    Good on you girl. I’m glad you said NO, however you need to stop accepting his gifts as well, nice as they are, because he will use this as reason to be in your life, reason to call you. I know my advice is kinda harsh but I know men very well, and I think you should just tell him you have moved on and that his gifts will not make you go back to him. If you have to- return the gifts.

    And trust me, the fact that he left you for Michelle shows he is not that into you. It’s an insult for him to think you’ll take him back because Michelle thought he was boring. Resist!

    @ fantasy queen, 'why did i get married' was amazing. tyler perry rocks!

    im jelous too, your job sounds fab!

  • ShonaVixen
    4 September 2008 at 10:52  

    my eyes went green when i saw the Balenciaga bag!!!..ok stop Shona..stop it forthwith!! As much as i love the gifts, it irks me when they have an ulterior motive behind it all...why cant it be i say no and they leave us be??But heey can never turn down a Balenciaga can we now??LOL...and how's the shuttle life??

  • city girl
    5 September 2008 at 03:46  

    @ Mona: hmmm, it can be quite hard to stop accepting the gifts u know.... :)
    my job aint that fab, if u know d stress involved

    @Shonavixen: guys always have an ulterior motive when they get u expensive stuff.... idiots. life's been aiight so far. thanks :)


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