Bond Girl....and her 1/4 Jealousy  

Thursday, 20 November 2008

The last two weeks have seen some things. Barrack Obama was elected the 44th President of the U.S.A. City Girl found out her baby brother had secrets. I found a job with a good law firm finally. My boyfriend Black and I agreed to keep our relationship quiet for a bit. Now keeping our relationship quiet is something I started to regret 4 hours after agreeing to it. I didn't regret it when my mum called asking to see where I had been. I didn't even think about telling my twin sisters when they called about visiting on the weekend. My brother already knows but he is sworn to secrecy. City Girl is my best friend and she knows my monthly cycle so its a given that she needs to know so no regret there. The rest of my family members are scattered world wide and if they do live in the country they along with my parents are not even aware that Black and I even talk. No, I started regretting my decision right about the time my cousin Tenielle popped on to the scene. Teni is gorgeous. Not in your "oh do you know Teni from next door/down the street" kind of gorgeous. Teni is gorgeous in your "she just looks like Tyra Banks but prettier" sort of way. Growing up we used to call her QUARTER because she is a 1/4 black zambian, 1/4 white zambian, 1/4 latina, 1/4 Hawaiian.

Back in the day she was also friends with Black and in fact most people thought they would date and were quite surprised when he asked me out. It was like Boris Kodjoe asking out a regular girl when he he hangs out with Gabrielle Union. Now I am not saying that I am not cute but what I am saying is that I know that in the beautiful stakes I know I would be in the race as an under dog but I also know my ass would be fortunate to beat the top seed. So anyway there I was chilling with my man, a glass of wine, listening to some neo soul on a rainy Wednesday evening after a hard first day at work when he starts receiving texts like it was an Olympic event. Now I don't normally question men about what texts they get or phone calls they receive BUT this is Black, this is my man so I after the fifth text I simply say " That person must really have a lot of credit, why don't they call you?" To which my man replies casually, "Oh its Teni, she just wants to know where I am because she wanted to come over but because we are not telling people whats up with us at the moment I am just trying to stop her from dropping by." I swear I broke out into a sweat because I was wondering what in the hell she wanted to drop by for at 11.30pm on a weekday. I knew what I was doing there at 11.30pm and it was not just to drop by. Anyway she ended up ringing him anyway to "chat" and an hour later as I lay in bed waiting for my man I was seriously asking myself "why did I agree to keep it quiet again?" Because ladies need to know that he ain't available to be on the phone giggling with them in the wee hours when he should be here making me....

In any case by the time he came to bed it was 2am and we both needed to wake up at 6am. Needless to say I didn't get any loving putting me in a bad mood. The next day as I walked down trendy Collins Street heading to a cafe for lunch who do I see striding her way down the street just looking as fresh as rain. Teni. I plastered on this fake grin I swear I was channeling Heath Ledger's the joker with that smile. So up she comes to me all sunshine and our conversation went like this:
Teni: Hey Cuz long time no see, whats good with you? Probably busy with work because I know it can't be a man keeping you busy.
(you wonder why I know people in my life that say some messed up ish to me like they dont have any sense)
Me: Ha ha hey Teni, yeah just busy with work, life. You know. whats good with you?
Teni: Oh nothing, I am actually on my way to surprise Black at his office. Did you know he was back? I just need to invite him to my birthday party this Friday. I would invite you but you never pitch to these things and besides every one needs a date and I spoke to your mum the other day and she said you were still single.
(Reminder to self to tell my mother that my love life is not a general knowledge fact sheet she should be sharing with family and random people now!)
Me: (FAKE GRIN SPREADS WIDER)....Thats fine probably busy this Friday anyway, have to go on the clock. I had heard he was back but say hi anyway.

As I stalked away from her I swear I was probably leaving smoke behind me because I was pissed. When I got home that afternoon and found Black in my kitchen making us dinner my first question was " Had a nice lunch with Teni did you?". Now Black he just smiled that "I want to take your clothes off smile" because he finds it a turn on when I am jealous because I rarely am. "you jealous baby?" he asked me making his way towards me all slowly and shit. I started to back up, "Let me make this clear, I am a 1/4 you hear me..a 1/4 jealous?". He obviously thought it was funny because he was laughing at me within seconds, "Baby" he said "On the table is an invite to Teni's birthday this Friday. In your bedroom is a dress I bought for the occasion at lunch which you can wear with those sexy shoes you have been meaning to wear. On Friday you will be my date...don't stress yourself...besides Teni has a man". Its hard to stay mad when your man does something good, even harder when you know you are going to wipe the smile off your cousins face....I wasn't a 1/4 jealous anymore but aint jealousy a bitch???

P.S Praying for City girl during this girl life will show you fire at times but its a good thing that God is your firefighter.

Till next time peoples...

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15 comments: to “ Bond Girl....and her 1/4 Jealousy

  • Tigeress
    20 November 2008 at 14:38  

    Noooooooo don't keep relationships quiet!!! I'm not saying u shld go on CNN or Sky news and braodcast to the whole nation, but meehhhnnn...........It might come back and bite you in the ass!

    Other than that, Black seems cool. But keep ur eyes WIDE open- expecially on Teni. lol!

  • pink m
    20 November 2008 at 14:48  

    Isn't Black the sweetest man ever?

    I agree with @Tigeress, shout it to the whole world my dear, and keep watch over that Teni lady...

  • MissLove
    20 November 2008 at 14:53  

    gosh i should have been 1st lol and i agree with tigeress :)

  • Nefertiti
    20 November 2008 at 15:13  

    WTH? I can't wait for you to wipe the smile off that 'High yella' chic's face. Make sure u knock em dead at her stewpid party, and come back and tell us all about it. awa bond girl agbero/fan club... lol

    And if 'Ms Twiggy' acts up, holla @ a sista. We'll knock some sense into her. Enjoy ;-)

  • Temite
    20 November 2008 at 15:19  

    Hey doll. We (Me, Myself and I)are praying for City girl. Err Black is so COOOOOL! but seriously I will watch that Teni girl 24/7. shes probably trying to upgrade! ok settle down Temite. But seriously though, I will watch on that girl and DO keep Black o, and if he has any brothers that are just like him, do let them know about Temite (jk).

  • Miss Definitely Maybe
    20 November 2008 at 15:26  

    keeping a relationship a secret always ends up being a mistake however good the reasons for doing it were

  • ShonaVixen
    20 November 2008 at 17:43  

    hey china, wats lekker???i agree with all those that said 'dont keep it private'...let those who need to know that it really aint work thats keeping u busy but Black (whom i think is so shweeet!!) gurl go flaunt it and enjoy love, aint like u doing nothing wrong or sneaking around..yeah let them know at the party!!1/4 jealous...lmao...

  • Just...Toluwa
    20 November 2008 at 18:13  

    Yeah...shldnt av agreed to that eh! Bt really Black is cool!

  • Danny Bagucci
    20 November 2008 at 20:00  

    Guess people typically need to dence off their perimeters from intruders -- U guys need to delcare one way or the other or else stuff like this will keep happening..

  • ~Sirius~
    22 November 2008 at 15:50  

    Hey, I'm soooo feeling Black right now, nice move getting the dress.
    As per being quite about the relationship, i hope that becomes history at the party, starting with Teni- she sounds like she can spread the word really fast.

  • Ms.O
    24 November 2008 at 03:05  

    I think we all have that kinda cousin in our families..Your man sounds sexy!!!

  • Bondgirl
    24 November 2008 at 12:57  

    Thanks to everyone for the comments! I have learnt my lesson dont keep ish on the low that you want to be out there and doing it big like you are doing it for TV!!!

  • Buttercup
    24 November 2008 at 14:49  

    Ok, everyone has told u not to keep it on the low so i dont need to anymore.

    Wow teni does sound sure u KNOW what to do at that party!

    Ur man sounds so dreamy! *sighs*

    Regards to city girl..

  • Buttercup
    24 November 2008 at 14:49  

    Ok, everyone has told u not to keep it on the low so i dont need to anymore.

    Wow teni does sound sure u KNOW what to do at that party!

    Ur man sounds so dreamy! *sighs*

    Regards to city girl..

  • Buttercup
    24 November 2008 at 14:52  

    Ok, everyone has told u not to keep it on the low so i dont need to anymore.

    Wow teni does sound sure u KNOW what to do at that party!

    Ur man sounds so dreamy! *sighs*

    Regards to city girl..


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