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Monday, 16 March 2009

Having not seen Black this whole week it was kind of a thrill to be able to call him to make plans about our weekend rendezvous. We both normally finish quite late on a Friday but I actually managed to leave work by midday (when I’m on a mission I can finish a pile of work so quickly it will make my own head spin) and Black had shuffled his day around to be able to leave by 6pm. By 1pm I was at Crown Spa Complex getting myself waxed, plucked, manicured, pedicured, scrubbed, painted, massaged and lathered up with vanilla mousse lotion. By 2.30pm I thought what the heck lets fix the hair while I’m at it. I drove to my hairdresser who was actually more than accommodating seeing that I had no appointment to shampoo, straighten and highlight my bob cut (yes I was one of the black girls who jumped on the Rihanna bob cut and no I don‘t have a big forehead but I rock that fringe/bangs). By 4pm I was driving back to the hotel scattering rose petals, ordering champagne on ice for our arrival later, asking for scented candles, making sure I had brought the massage oil kit (shout out to the twins for my xmas gift).

By 5.55pm I was standing in front of my car waiting for Black in front of his office complex. I was feeling a little vulnerable and paranoid especially since I was wearing a trench coat and the best lingerie ensemble CG’s money could buy courtesy of Victoria Secret (Shout out to the ladies in Crown Plaza who in 20 minutes found me the above piece* and who got me the free entry to the Crown Spa Complex- it pays to smile and be nice!).

By the time we were entering the lobby of the hotel I was feeling so tired and exhausted. My early morning starts and very late finishes were catching up with me but I was happy I was getting some time out. Our hotel suite was on the 16th floor and at the 4th floor Black jokingly said “ Ok now show me what you got little mama” …he didn’t expect me to flash him of course but I did…lol…by his wide eyes and open mouth it looked like he approved. Unfortunately for him on the 5th floor another couple got on the elevator with us. Having seen a glimpse of the goodies he kept poking me (with his finger get your mind out of the gutter Shona!) saying “baby if we get off here and take the stairs it will be quicker”. Um yeah right…in these heels? The man was crazy…I told him to stop poking me otherwise his finger would be the only thing poking me that weekend. He immediately stopped but when we got to the 16th floor he grabbed my hand and rushed out of the elevator heading left (our suite was on the right). “Eh Eh….you don’t even know where you are going!” I said to him. Impatiently he snapped at me…”So bloody well tell me then”. Excuse me? Blogville I stopped dead in my tracks, hands on my hips, head doing its exorcist turn, foot tapping “Eh? What did you just say?”. Never seen a man apologise so quickly …stumbling and stuttering over words…lmao.

Needless to say that once we were inside the room (he didn’t even take stock of the petals, candles and champagne….after all the work…) In between removing the trench coat and kissing I was asking him “So baby you like the room?” he answered distracted.. “Yeah beautiful, yep great…lovely…baby what kind of trench coat is this? It has buttons and was it necessary to button all of them?”.
*roll eyes* clearly the vanilla scented candles had no relevance at that point. The last thing I remember was him lifting me and placing me on the bed. Now blogville before you judge let me point out that this week I have been getting a maximum of 4hours of sleep, running around work and hosting CG….so I didn’t mean to fall asleep while my man was kissing on my neck…I really didn’t. When I did wake up, I could sense he was watching me. Cocking one eye open, I saw him lounging in a chair facing me, with this unimpressed look on his face… I sneaked a loom at the bedside table clock praying I hadn’t fallen asleep for to long…it read 10pm (I had been out for 3hrs) I smiled sheepishly at him. He stared me down and said “ Now that you are rested…you better bring you’re A game…I’m expecting Cirque du Soliel type moves in this room tonight”. I would have laughed but the dead pan look on his face was telling me to play it safe. Please tell me I’m not the only one to ever do this? LOL, I did make it up to him…I did but he is still grumbling about this. Especially because CG keeps pretending to fall asleep during conversations with him and saying “Dang sorry…did I fall sleep?”. NOT HELPING CG…NOT HELPING AT ALL!

I promised Tigeress to write a post about my friend Skittles who is going through some drama's with her man. Tigeress next post will be it ok? Hopefully her drinking session with CG had her thinking about other things over the the hangover's they have been nursing...just looking at them I can see the debauchery written on their face....makes me wonder what they got up to.....hmmm well I need to leave this office Monday is almost over. Have a great week everyone!

*Disclaimer...that is not me in the picture...that is the lingerie CG bought for me.

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15 comments: to “ Bond Girl S'pecially for you...

  • city girl
    16 March 2009 at 03:47  

    *snores*........ dang, i fell asleep while reading this post........ lmao...... BG!!! only u falls asleep while getting it on.....and btw, y'all have defiled and corrupted my poor hotel room... now i cant sleep in it again.........still at work can u freaking imagine. Anyway see u later... dont think ive ever commented before..... hallelujah to Crackberrys...

  • city girl
    16 March 2009 at 03:48  

    im off to read blogs......... fcuk fashion week.... cant be

  • Bondgirl
    16 March 2009 at 04:02  

    hey woman...lmao! Its because of you tonight we are having late night meals @ Danny's instead of getting a home cooked meal from Black...he's very ain't helping! I knew you wouldn't leave work early today ....see ya later fashionista and don't fall asleep...lmao! xxx

  • ~Sirius~
    16 March 2009 at 04:11  

    You didn't actually fall asleep!
    At the finish line!!!!!

    Anyways I think the whole day was perfect even if you did, No gusty winds!.....he he he , can't stop laughing

    I Loooooove that piece! VS did you some good.
    And CG stop fooling around with Black, pretending your sleeping off....LOL(I would totally do that too)

    You see, after all the hard work, he was interseted in the goods not the rose petals or scented, guys will always be guys.

    Keep the love burning girl, you Black, CG, and the twins (the gave you the scented oil)
    Have a great week!

  • ShonaVixen
    16 March 2009 at 06:16  

    LOL!!!!OOOOOH nooooo you didn't..LOL!!!You fell asleep!!!LOL!!!!
    LMAO @ City Girl falling asleep whilst reading the post..LOL!!!
    Girl, you fell asleep on my brother!!!!
    Ok, *wiping tears off my face*, I have fallen asleep too...and boy was he not amused and I still to this day say it was the Zambian yup Zambian tsetse flies that bit me on my last trip to Zambia!! errr I think you should just say it was the tsetse fly!!!LOL!!!

  • bumight
    16 March 2009 at 13:02  

    LMAO @ u falling asleep. you're not, but look on the bright side, he would have taken the 3 hours u were asleep to appreciate the room, LMAO!

  • Anonymous
    16 March 2009 at 16:42  

    YOU FELL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You fell asleep.
    I have my mouth open wide right now. Girl, you are VERY alone on that one o. But HE sha loves u sha. I hope you brought your A game after that. XOXO! And cant wait for your friends story.

  • Buttercup
    16 March 2009 at 22:23  

    lol @ city girl!

    wow..some fatigue that must have been..shame..LOL!!!!

    at least u made up for it!

  • Anonymous
    16 March 2009 at 23:28  

    Errr.. City Girl's not beefing aight? LOL..
    Hopefully you delivered a world-class performance to make up for the sleep......

  • bob-ij
    17 March 2009 at 00:06  

    This was so interesting! Like I was reading a romantic novel ... you're really funny..Why should he notice anything after that ensemble...I have to look into these

    As for falling asleep!'m sure it even made things better...for you I mean * if you need to jo!

    This was a really nice break from studying!LOVE IT!


  • doll
    18 March 2009 at 11:03  

    hmm...u fell asleep

  • Miss Definitely Maybe
    19 March 2009 at 15:22  

    poor Black
    guess you put a whole new meaning on 'a night to remember'

    20 March 2009 at 10:01  


  • MsAnonymous
    24 March 2009 at 22:43  

    Love your blog, keeps me entertained!

    Pls check out mines.

  • Anonymous
    26 March 2009 at 01:49  


    yeparipa!!! hahahahaa....omg omg omg!

    wooo Mr Bond should stop taking things so seriously jooo....hmmn reminds of one time I fell asleep givin ma girlfriend head...lmao!!!


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