Bond Girl Pushes Back....  

Monday, 22 December 2008

Black has gone to New York to finish up his move. Now he has lived here for awhile told the firm he works for he would like to be permanently based here. Although I won't spend Xmas and new years with him at least I know he will be safe with City Girl....if not drunk half the time. LOL! City Girl is excited because he is bringing her, her Xmas gifts from me and the rest of my family including Black and his family (she's like an adopted fifth child that one!) and those two love to gossip so they are both excited about seeing each other. Even with the twins here the place seems so much quieter and larger without his presence. I have to say though I was quite happy because Teni doesn't need to be around him during xmas. My family Insurance has worked brilliantly, his whole family kept him so busy in his final days here that he didn't even manage to see her and forgot to text her he was going. He asked me to text everyone on his phone and sort out his messages.. hahahaha...he trusts me too much sometimes. By the time I got to the T's in his phone I skipped Teni's name called or emailed everyone else. It was only by the fact that she is a persistent hood rat that she even found out he had left.

Four days after his departure she came to my house looking for him....the exchange was funny. Apparently she was worried because she had not seen or heard from him in a while and she was going through some ish. I took so much joy in telling her that he had left for New York four days prior and was returning "when he was returning...after all if he wanted you to know he would have left contact details right?". She had the audacity to still ask for his number! I told her that I was not going to give it her because she had no business using it. This child then put her hands on her hips and her true colours came out again I knew that sweet and innocent act was not going to last. She proceeded to tell me that she would make my life a living hell, that she will tell Black that I was rude to her when she came crying for his assistance. Now I think I have said on this Blog before that I am the sort of person who will take a lot before I give back a little of what has been done to me. But when I do you will feel it. If you back me into a corner and dare me to make a move I will not climb above or dig below to avoid you, I will go straight through you. I warned her twice to let the issue go and for her to leave my house. she refused. At this point I had Ludacris's song stuck in my head "Move bitch, get out the way, get out the don't know me like that" was like speaking to me! Teni eyed me up and down like she was daring me, like she was challenging me to do something and that's when I lost it. I mean here she shows up at my door questioning me about the whereabouts of my man...I am sorry but who the hell are you? I had, had a stressful week. My man was not around...the prospect alone of getting no xmas or new years loving had me in a grumpy mood then here this child comes acting like she suffering as well. She was standing half in the hallway and half outside so I decide to shove the bitch out. I pushed enough that she fell on her ass and then I told her to get fcuked and stay away from my house. Then I slammed the door. I walked over to the table where I had left a vase full of water to put in flowers and picked it up and walked to my kitchen window which overlooked my parking spots. I could see Teni stalking angrily in a bad mood to her car which she had the audacity to park in Blacks usual spot instead of guest parking. I waited until she had opened her door before I threw that water on her. Granted it missed her head and splattered her top and the car but the look on her face was pure glory. The twins who were sitting on the lounge suite sat with their eyes and mouths open for a few seconds before they started laughing and congratulating me.

The first thing I did was call Black and tell him, didn't want her twisting the facts now. Surprisingly he laughed so much. He even asked was I ready to walk at night by myself because he didn't think she would let it go. I asked him what happened to the whole "try be friends with Teni" ish he was on when he was here. He explained to me that he had the pleasure of going to dinner with City Girl and bumping into her man's dramatic foolish thinking ex and he had seen how she spoke to City Girl (apparently she was a real bitch) and how it made City Girl look and feel. It made him rethink how he had been looking at the Teni situation. He promised he would not have any more contact with Teni. When he said those words it was like I had a weight lifted off me. I wanted to fly the distance and kiss the end we somehow had phone sex. Which was fun while we were talking but then when I got off the phone it wasn't like I could do anything more about it. What made me laugh though was City Girl's text which I received 5 minutes after talking to Black said "Jezebel, what have you tempted your man with now he can't sit properly, crossing and uncrossing legs, sighing looking sad and drinking beer like water??. P.s don't tie up my phone with your phone sex you think my man does not need to call to get his dose as well? lol"

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