Two Can Play that Game.....Pt.1  

Monday, 27 October 2008

Before I started my seduction plan on black I thought it would be good to reinforce the whole friendship thing we had and just spend a night in hanging out without the sex. Little did I know that if you don't plan for something...its more likely to happen.

We were watching movies and eating junk food at my house on Saturday night. Black and I were just happy, laughing, cracking jokes, making fun of each other, the movies and telling each other old stories. When I went to the kitchen to refill the popcorn, I returned to find him leaning back on the couch, eyes closed head tilted back and rubbing his temples. "Are you ok?" I asked concerned. "just a little headache...nothing to worry about" he replied without opening his eyes. I placed the bowl of popcorn down and went to my bedroom and retrieved a headache ointment my mother gave me when I was working at that stressful law firm. Black was still rubbing his temples when I got back. I leaned over him and removed his hands and started to rub the ointment on his temples. I remember chattering away about the miracles of the oil, how he should probably work less hours to avoid the undue stress, that my mother gave it to me when I started to have migraines...blah blah blah blah.

All of a sudden in seconds I don't remember how or what triggered it but Black pulled me down so that I was straddling his thighs and he had his mouth on mine. Now if this was the movies the stupid idiot of a girl would have stopped to ask "what are we doing"....fear not bloggers...It took my mind exactly 2 seconds to understand the situation and I was not going to question it so I hungrily kissed him back, unbuttoning his shirt the deeper the earth shattering kiss went. I felt like I didn't need air, oxygen or a break, my body was shaking with every touch and as piece after piece of clothing went I was yelling "yes! yes! yes!" in my mind. When with all his strength he lifted me and flipped me on to my back and was over me sucking my earlobe, slowly kissing my neck working his way down I started praying "Lord, Jesus...Oh my me...Oh Lord" (you know the ish is good when a sister starts praying while she is in the middle of sinning). When I started to hear the dull ringing of the phone piercing my hazy sex filled mind with its repetitive annoying tone I really started praying that Black would ignore it and let his tongue and hands continue their outstanding job so far. When I realised that it was not my phone but his my heart beat started to slow down as I felt him pull away to answer the bleeding thing (whoever it was clearly was not hanging up). As he answered the phone I felt kind of exposed in my black and cherry red underwear and tried to cover myself up with a nearby throw while Black stood dwarfing everything in my living room wearing black Armani boxer briefs as comfortable as pie.

15 minutes later he got off the phone a concerned look on his face. "Gotta go babe, it turns out Jack and the crew got busted for DUI and I need to go see what I can do" he said as he started picking up his clothes thrown randomly around the room. I realised I had quite a throwing arm when I saw his shirt had landed in the kitchen somehow. I got up and went up to him blocking his way "You have to leave now? Like you can't stay an extra....(at this point I paused calculating how long a quickie would take)...hmmm like an extra 20 minutes?". He laughed so hard and kissed me on the forehead "you are so precious, you even calculated that...but if I stay 20 then I wont leave at all". In my mind I was thinking how was that a bad thing? "I was also quite mad, Jack was Black's workmate who was a distracting force because he was single and thought all his friends should be single players and as such went out of his way to make Black have limited contact with only one woman and increase his ho-asis database (Jacks words not mine). Jack also knew that Black was spending time with me tonight and that Black was loyal to his friends. I doubted the seriousness of Jack's so called S.O.S because I didn't believe a lawyer at his age would be so dumb to be caught out on a DUI. So I decided that two can play this game.

With that in mind I picked up Black's phone and his car keys which he hadn't spotted yet as he was still tugging on his jeans. When he heard the jangle of keys he looked in my direction and smiled "oh thanks babe,saves me from looking all over the place...please pass them over here will you?" I shook my head and the poor thing looked confused for a second, I had seen the preview and there was no way this man was leaving without me watching the movie and I was prepared to play dirty. I let the throw drop down and started walking backwards up the stairs to my bedroom. Black started following pleading for the keys, "Babe come on I don't have time for this". I shook my head again and took a further three steps up "you know those boys have to stay in there over night, police its a serious waste of time and petrol for you to go". I could see Black wavering, the dilemma was in his eyes. To make it a little more difficult I removed my bra and dropped it to the floor. He followed its path and groaned "Come on B, you are making this hard". I smiled and said "and here I thought I was making it easy". He licked his lips trying hard not to look at me standing in only my panties. A further few steps and I was at the top. I went in to my room, removed the panties, came out naked, placed his phone and keys at the top of the stairs and said "there are your keys and phone, if you are going to leave at least pick up my bra when you come up and chuck it on my bed...I'm going to shower". When I looked down at him he was halfway up the stairs still contemplating what to do, I knew he was in a dilemma stay or go? As I turned around to go shower he gasped "When did you get a tattoo on your back? I looked over my shoulder and winked at him "there's a lot about my body you don't know and need to find out...its been a long time you sure you want to wait longer?." I left him there decide.... after all how loyal could he be to his boys?

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