Breaking up  

Friday, 3 October 2008

"Baby, im sorry, i like you, i really do...... but im not sure im ready for this commitment. You are a wonderful person and you deserve someone who will appreciate you better than i am doing......... "

How's that for a break up line? I am trying to find the perfect words to say to NG cuz yep, u guessed, im breaking up with him. Im sorry to disappoint but he's so perfect, i like him alot, yet i cant bring myself to tell him i love you back. Im really sad about it but it'll be unfair to lead him on so its better i end it before he buys me a ring, who knows! We have spent a lot of time togeth er these few days, he took time off work to hang with me. He does everything right and some of my friends at work are so jealous of us. they think im a fool to want to dump him. Do u guys agree? Bondgirl thinks i should still hang in there for a little while, but hey im not listening to her, when she's still pushing her own perfect man away......

Lets figure this out together? He dresses well, has a great job, makes mad money, very handsome (very!), his family loves me, he's got a great personality. Our differences r compatible, hell, he watches ANTM and gossip girl with me.... We have our personal once a week away from each other, he's all ive ever dreamed off. My mum thinks he's the best thing since the So whats my problem. People say i have a commitment phobia. Do women have these? I need to settle down u know, my clock is ticking or how is it said? My mum is on my case, everyone believes that a single girl in NY and in my field may never settle down so this is a perfect opportunity to let them down. I think the problem is i still want my freedom. I hated giving up Chris, i still want to chat up random guys at bars, flirt endlessly with our models and even have some crazy night stands (ok, ive only had 2! and i want more). Is there anything that can be done to make me realise im getting older every day? So bloggers, ball's in your court. i think i need help. I plan on breaking up with him on sunday cuz he's got this romantic weekend get away planned and i dont want to spoil it.

On another issue, if you know a colleague is anorexic, should u confront them? When u do and they deny, what do you do? I have this colleague, lets call her Andrea who i have so much proof to believe is anorexic and it kills me to see it. SHe seems like one who's never going to listen to what i have to say anyway. You dont have to be skinny to be beautiful. She used to be so pretty but now shes too skinny and sometimes i wish i could take her home and feed her with my home cooked meals. Do you think i should say something to her? I dont want to seem like im interfering into her private life though.
I am really excited about work tomorrow cuz we;ve got a new consultant coming in and word round d streets is that he's HOT, STRAIGHT and SINGLE! i'm so getting in

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11 comments: to “ Breaking up

  • ShonaVixen
    3 October 2008 at 04:41  

    first?1?...just claiming my spot!!!

  • ShonaVixen
    3 October 2008 at 04:48 this man ticks all ur boxes BUT you just want the freedom to do whatever u like?..Committment phobia it is,maybe u feel like by being with him, you're being held back from fun n all...I think in your heart of hearts you do know what u want to do..all i can say is, dont let a good thing go just because you think you're missing out!!Grass is always greener on the other side till you get there

  • Confessions of a London gal
    4 October 2008 at 07:36  

    I think what you need to ask yourself is "can you imagine life without him" Does being with him feel like your settling for the next best thing, Do you still feel as if the no 1 best thing is sill out there? if you answer no to 2 or more of the questions - leaving him WILL be a mistake

  • Buttercup
    5 October 2008 at 08:41  

    wow...he really does sound PERFECT!

    so the problem is u not wantin to give up ur freedom, yea?

    i think u shud think this through properly..u r worried bout ur clock tickin, yet u have the 'perfect man' right there with u..just think if all the freedom wud have been worth it if, God forbid, u lose him n u dont find anyone like him..

    oh shit, today is sunday!!!!!

    as for ur anorexic colleague..u cud tell her in a subtle way..u cud leave anonymous notes on her desk or somn..

    gosh, u and hot guys!!!

  • Anonymous
    5 October 2008 at 17:46  

    You dis girl. He sounds perfect but your not ready for his perfection. Maybe you still want to make mistakes, get drunk and waste your sundays feeling sorry for yourself, one night stand with good looking men and spending the next week wondering if they will call you back. At the same time marraige means shaving off little pieces of yourself to accomodate the other person. So look before you leap. Urmmm either you will have to give something up, so what will it be.

  • Anonymous
    7 October 2008 at 02:33  

    youchies...mehn! I dnt even know what to say at all...I think you should give it serious thot before you take your plunge abeg...we dnt want u looking back and having all them what ifs..

  • Don
    7 October 2008 at 20:54  

    I think you should definitely say something to your friend. No need in beating around the bush, especially when its obvious that you care enough to want to see her do better.

    Good luck on getting in there, too. LOL.

  • Mista Jaycee
    10 October 2008 at 20:37  

    Commitment phobia?
    Why? When the alternative is that you will date so many dawgs! So many insenstive adult adolesents who refuse to grow up, so many that won't value, cherish or love you and you will love you some them! But maybe that's what really turns you on. If you don't love him and you know you never will then let him go. That's fair!
    But be prepared to handle the consequences.

  • Bondgirl
    10 October 2008 at 22:17  

    Eish I dont even know what advice to give you my dear but looking from the advice it looks people are saying not to give up on this oppurtunity

  • theicequeen
    11 October 2008 at 00:21  

    commmmmmmitment phobiaaa! i think i suffer from it, but my case is defendable! see, the guys have never actually been able to pass for perfect...or even close...and here you have this perfffect guy and you wanna run...hang in there! lol...the anorexic co-worker? hold her down and feed her a burger! :D

  • wordsmith
    15 October 2008 at 14:26  

    err you sound like you really like him o. My own test is simple if he invited you to meet his girlfriend/go to his wedding a year after breaking up will you be upset and want him back? or just a lil bit of oh he's really moved on.

    i think for now if youre dating and he's everything youve ever dreamed of as you say, dont let go that easy,
    as lovely bcup said: think deeply...


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