Questions answered by Black & BG...LONG POST ALERT  

Friday, 20 February 2009

Shona Vixen batter up...
a)What song reminds you of Black and makes you want to go and rip his clothes off?(This is a song you'll hear on your i-pod on ur way to work or something and you'll be like I'm doing him tonite!'
Black has a cd which has a triple threat on it and he normally plays it when I’m mad at him. Like yesterday I was angry at him and driving from work just about 15mins from his house, he pop’s in the triple threat Cd. It starts with Tyrese’s…On top of me, Usher‘s nice and slow, then Janet‘s Would you mind. (Those jams are my ish, I see fire when I hear them...worse if I am tipsy!) By the time Usher was singing “it‘s 7 O‘clock on the dot I‘m in my drop top cruising the streets” I was like pull over you drive, can’t even bleeding concentrate! Even then he was lucky he was not molested in the ride up to his apartment (those elevators if they had camera’s)….damn, I’m so weak…the Devil knows my first name I tell you!

b)Would you ever go back to Zambia?

I have been “advised” by Black that Zambia is our holiday destination/ emergency evacuation country when Zim or the Miz as he calls it is “under pressure”. So I would be living in Zim…. He misses his hang out joint “the Keg” I think its called.

Do you agree that the Vic Falls belongs to Zimbabwe? is to tick K off as….
I zip my mouth on this one, K and I are going shopping Saturday...over to Black:
As a young man H-Town was my play ground, St Georges boy for life and Borrowdale was my hood. So ssssshhhhh but K knows that the best views are on our side, tourism is only down because of Uncle Bob however the falls belong to Zimbabwe…we lease the rest. LOL. When she see’s I have posted this heads will roll…I officially blame you Shona! Queen BG is zipping her mouth she might lose K as her drinking buddy

a)What BG's sexiest outfit (i know all are sexy..i trust my girl) BUT what's the one that makes you want to tear it off??...LOL..
She has this purple halter neck, backless dress, form fitting, knee length she wears with these Black sky high gladiator heels. The best part of the dress is the back and not only for the obvious reasons (my baby was truly blessed in the Beyonce department). The dress is backless you can see her small tattoo of Africa on her left shoulder.

Next Batter up is Bumtight...

my questions is :
1. how long have u been dating black?
When I was 16 (the first time I met him), we dated for 4 years. Now we have been dating for 4 or 5 months I think…LOL, Black’s eyeballing me …like I need to know the exact date….mssccheeewww
2. your last biggest fight. when? what was it about?
Our last biggest fight was this week, last night to be exact. Black admitted he was wrong. It’s to do with my sisters who want to move back to Australia (they are currently living in New York). My mother won’t let them come stay with her because they have not been attending uni and generally taking the piss out of their education. So our parents said fine work if you are not in school. They were not finding jobs just partying. Now they are broke, jobless, rent is due, their lease is up and they expect to be bailed out. They were just here for Xmas and knew all this was going down and never said anything to anyone. I can’t let them stay with me because there is not enough room for them long term…but BLACK goes and tells the girls its ok they can stay in his spare room AND then said he will sort out their rent issues this month. I think its ridiculous those two were messing about and now they are being bailed out. Eish this deserves a whole post on its own. Black is just a soft touch. Me not so easy.

Disclaimer from Black: I am hoping B does not see this when I post it she was completely in the wrong but I let her think she’s right because date night is tonight….I need her in the right mood.

Miss Temite step to the plate...
Question for Black - Do you have any Brothers? Seriously! Cuz I wouldnt mind moveing to Australia or Zambia, even Antartica sef. I must have a channel bag and a man who loves me to o. and do you seriously have any faults? Seriously!
LOL. Temite I was told about you. Alas I am the only boy in the family but I do happen to have a lot of male cousins to make up for it. B always says that if things don’t work out with us she has a back up plan in the form of my cousins. So maybe you can ask her who she is eyeing…possibly at the same time passing on the info to me?

Questions for you Bondy boo - Are you in need of another little sister? I know you have the twins but.... Cuz I woudnt mind being adopted! seriously.
Ah the twins are a handful Temi! Especially this week, they are so in trouble with me its not funny. I am thinking of disowning them so you have a very good chance this week of being adopted…..mssssccccheeeew….at least you are behaved those two give me blood pressure.

Next the regal Nefertiti...

So my questions are:
* How old are you? 26
* How did you meet CG?
City girl and I met when we were 5 years old, our fathers worked for the same mining company in Zambia (ZCCM). Our families have always been joined to the hip so to speak and we were best friends until we were separated at age 7. I moved to Australia, and CG moved back to Nigeria. Then she moved to the UK and finally she now resides in the Big Apple.
* Why did you decide to live in australia?
It was my father’s decision after his contract with the mining company ended as it was being privatised . My father then decided to change professions and come to Australia and study law taking us with him.

* Where is Black from?
He’s Zambian/Zimbabwean. His mother is Zambian and his father is Zimbabwean. They first lived in Bulawayo for a few years and then to Harare. Then his father was offered a position by his company to work here in Australia.

Our Alpha male, the man amongst the beauties... Danny Bagucci

1. for Black -- what, when or where did he finally realize you were the one?
Well, Danny this is probably going to give her a big head but honestly I fell in love with her because she surprises me. When girls or guys meet her they think she cracks the whip hard and lets face it a bit of a bitch. What they don’t realise is that when you get into her heart she graces you with such unconditional love and support that you feel so comfortable being just you with her. She has a small, tight circle of friends spread out all over the world who she would die or kill for. That is no joke either. I guess I just love the duality in her, that is she can be like an angel from heaven to her loved ones but cross her path and even the Devil gets scared of riding with her. I realised she’s the one for me last year while I was in New York actually. I knew I loved her but didn’t know I could not live without her until we were apart. Sounds really sad but God knows its true.

2. Do you ever think about heading back to Africa eventually on a long term basis??
Madam and I share this dream in particular. I always say that “from the red soil we came, from the red soil we shall return for our souls reside in Africa though our bodies travel the world”. Its imperative that the African diaspora realises and really follows through with its legacy of building a greater Africa. Ok I have to stop there B is shaking her head at me in that don’t you get started on your call to progress on her blog,

Last but surely not blogger...2Hawt
your job sounds really did you get into it?
I am a legal researcher, interesting at times boring at others. City Girl’s job as a fashion stylist/consultant/ advisor is more glamorous and pays WAY better than mine…the only time that I have ever seen a Jimmy Choo is when she sent a pair for my birthday last year. I got into my job because my father is a lawyer and I grew up loving the law and always researching, reading, debating, politics. So the legal field just felt right for me. Although I am qualified to practise law, I do not…the only 2 lawyers I trust and think that have a soul are Black and my father.

What do you do for fun?

Swimming in the summer is my ish. I could live at the beach and it’s a good thing my parents have a beach house. I love watching football (fav team Manchester United). I love reading, writing, blogging, going out for dinners, SHOPPING!!! Especially shoes…the higher the better! I’m not a club girl but used to be…I only miss it now for the sake of dancing. Case in point last week I dragged Black to the club in order to hear that new JT song. I love going to museums, art gallery openings, poetry and jazz nights.

That's it folks see you next the mean time if you are going to be naughty be nice as well....

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20 comments: to “ Questions answered by Black & BG...LONG POST ALERT

  • Danny Bagucci
    20 February 2009 at 05:51  

    WOW.. Am I first? I hope so.. Several interesting tips I can take away for my "next" life, like the triple treat CD for instance... lol...

    The twins, erm.. i find out that younger siblings often know how to play various sides of the family against each other.. My kid sister would play me against my bro or our parents just to maximize the financial returns --- well guess those are the advantages of having doting older siblings anyways.... Guess between you and Black's positions, the twins should be just fine....

    So feel you on the duality thing...That's so much like my best friend Di who I let slip out of my hands back in the day due to my inaction.

    Africa holds pride of place in so many hearts.. Csn't help but be encouraged that if so many talented people who are out there making a difference in their worlds consider Africa serious enough for the long term,then the future is bright...

    Long winded post... sorry o!!!

  • Afrobabe
    20 February 2009 at 06:04  

    Fuck shit.I was first when I opened this page...shold have screamed first before reading.mcheeeeeeeeeeeewww

  • Afrobabe
    20 February 2009 at 06:05  

    Love the post, really really love it..I finally feel a connection with understanding of who you are..

    You know I have been thinkig and thinking about what tattoo to get and where to put just solved my dilema....Africa or Nigeria..

    Awwww your black sounds soooo a naija boy (dodging from ur insults) but you know naija boys step in when there is ish in the family....

  • Bondgirl
    20 February 2009 at 06:30  

    @ Danny you are first!!! That triple threat/treat CD is a menance to a woman's life!

    Eh those twins...I tell you a whole post is needed to explain their antics

    I smell gist and request gist on this Di girl!

    @ Afrobabe baby girl just got beaten by Danny...sorry!

    I hope you guys do feel a connection , not even my acquaintances know me as well as my blogville family who I feel such a connection to! Eh please don't encourage him to think he's special...I am still so mad that he's helping those two fools...mssscccheeeewwww

  • ~Sirius~
    20 February 2009 at 09:16  

    Arrrrrgh! I missed the chance to ask my questions!.......what was I thinking!

    I'm so happy you two have come this far, and I hope both of you keep working at making this work.

    I'm really rooting for you guys, and you had better not let me down. Black- 'tis your duty to uphold this great woman that rages like fire as well as calms the storms.....(You two really deserve each other) and BG, be your man's woman Ok.

    Ps.....Nice tattoo you've got there.

  • K
    20 February 2009 at 10:00  

    I know that tattoo...where was I when you were asking for questions, I have so many too! are siding with Shona on her crazy belief that the vic falls belong to ma zimbo...let the delusion continue! lol

  • ShonaVixen
    20 February 2009 at 11:16  

    All i saw was Man U and my eyes are glaring wiv anger...Man U!!MANFLIPPINU???....
    So Black who is now officially my brother and you BG my muroora so from now henceforth you shall call me 'TETE SHONA' OK!!!...LOL..
    is a Georges guy...boy did i have a crush on Georges guys..their uniform..their rugby team..their basketball team..sigh..I'm a Gundi product!!!
    OOooh Africa tattoo..way to go hon..I was thinking of getting a 3rd tattoo for the big 30..after all they don't hurt!! BUT I think I'll resist the temptation...
    And Black you are so right Vic Falls is ours!!! K, I know, you know that CG knows that its ours but she really cares about your

  • ShonaVixen
    20 February 2009 at 11:31  

    and like you BG, I'd kill for my friends..I have only a few that I call my familia and we have a code of strike to kill should any1 do any of us harm!! I love my girls, one surprised me the other day wiv a pair of Roberto Cavalli stilettos..m still teary-eyed and y?JUST BECAUSE....

  • Danny Bagucci
    20 February 2009 at 12:14  

    @BG -- LOL.. no big gist on the Di issue, at least not anymore.. We were best friends from 8 yrs of age till when we turned 26.. Still very good friends tho.. But she's married with 2 kids and is currently chasing a PhD at the mo........

  • Funms-the rebirth
    20 February 2009 at 14:33  

    so Black, would u consider dumping BG cuz i want u........i kid i kid!!!!!!

    i also love my friends cuz i think they've even killed for
    and Danny, r u sure theres nothing more?

  • bumight
    21 February 2009 at 11:30  

    wow! i love how u guys answered the questions. ok, since temite is *whispers* currently missing, can i be adopted? lol!
    u guys are too cute!

  • Temite
    21 February 2009 at 17:24  

    BLACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK - I think you seriously have NO FAULTS. You officially ROCK MEN. I mean WOW. So like about your cousins, where, when???!!! LMAO.
    And SIS Bondy, I am officially adopting you. Welcome to the Family. Errr the Twins are hilarious men. But let them enjoy nah.
    Bumight - HANDS OFF. Mscheeeew. have you started again. babe I no dey joke wif you o.
    BONDY, I ma need you to give me THE GIST. Like right now!

  • Buttercup
    23 February 2009 at 11:44  

    dang, i missed the question-asking post *sulks very childishly*

    u guys sound too cool to be true..really!

    is Black ever gonna start his own blog?

  • Miss Definitely Maybe
    23 February 2009 at 13:56  

    I am definitely not a happy bunny
    no maybes about that!!!!!!
    when did this post a question occur?
    where was I?
    I am gutted
    you owe me a whole post just based on my questions only and nobody elses
    your twin sisters remind me of my youngest sister
    total nightmare
    she came here to study and we sent her back to her parents (well my parents but i refuse to acknowledge we have the same parents) within two months
    she is recklessness personified

  • Hadassah
    23 February 2009 at 16:53  

    Thankyou for saying Vic Falls belongs to Zim because it does!

  • Naija Bloggers Awards 2009
    25 February 2009 at 00:51  

    Hey, if u av nt been, u shld visit

    Its gonna be fun! u cld nominate yourself, or other favorite bloggers and win.

  • Tigeress
    28 February 2009 at 18:21  

    aaawwwwwww this is such a nice post. I like very much. I wish guys luck in your relationship. :) Black sounds like a very great guy.

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